Washing Machine Installation London

washing_machine_installationWe are a professional company that offer fast and safe washing machine installation for your home. We will ensure the delivery of your new washing machine and we will also remove the old one. Our technician will begin the process by measuring the space where the machine will be installed.

This is made because we need to determine the size of the hoses that will be needed. Before we start with the real installation our workers will check if the washing machine is situated close enough to hook up the power cord, the drain line and the water lines.

The basic steps that we will follow are:

  • measuring for hoses
  • connecting the water to the washing machine
  • hooking up the drain line
  • connecting the electric cord
  • checking for problems with leaks

We will take up with the connecting of the water to the washing machine and we will connect the washing machine hoses to the water outlets. The next thing that we will do is to hook up the drain line. In some cases the drain lines are installed, but if they are not, we will take care of hooking up the drain connection with the help of a hose clamp. The next step is connecting the electric cord before fixing the washing machine into a position. Our workers will also make a test to make sure that the washing machine function in the appropriate way.

We will check the water lines to look for leaks and then we will let it go through one large drain load. In this way we will observe any existing problems and we will solve them in a faster way. Another thing that we will check is the efficiency of the washing machine valves – if the valves are leaking when the washing machine is turned on and depending on their condition we will tighten them up or if the case is more serious we will replace them with new ones. Our staff will perform all of the procedures of the installation of the washing machines in a careful manner.